BOOK REVIEW-Where-will-man-man-take-us?

Plot: In the book writer discusses how the technology evolved, has taken over the human lives over time and how it is going to impact our future. The book starts with the introduction of how and when technology formed existence into human lives further discussing different forms of technology i.e. Artificial Intelligence(AI), Nanotechnology, Quantum computing and genetics. How these technologies are making an influence onto human lives over their evolution and how the constant improvisation of technology is going to impact the world not only physically but mentally and emotionally too.

My View: First and foremost if you are not a tech savvy and have no interest in science and technology this book might turn out boring for you. But even if you have slightest of interest in technology you will love the thoughts writer has shared in the book.

The writer has planned and put his thought process in a very organized manner which helps convey what he wanted to tell. The book starts with a detailed introduction of all four technologies, writer wants to discuss and further continues to discuss how man used them for their convenience and how these technologies gradually sneaked into every aspect of our lives.

The book discusses on how the once of rare access internet is now in several ways changing our behaviour in some positive and sometimes negative ways. Stealing privacy, spreading fake news, proxy popularity is few of them which are impacting the national issues now.

The book raises concern on how the technology and data is going to change the coming future for us. With our reach to Mars and Moon we are already capable of engineer the genes and scientists are already proposing the data to challenge the existence of GOD.

It’s a long book but with some wonderful facts and will definitely raise questions in your mind.

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