BOOK REVIEW- Upon a Burning Throne – Part 2

Book Name: Upon a Burning Throne

Author: Ashok A. Banker

Recommendation: 3.5/5

Genre: Mythological Fantasy

Plot: This is the second part of the series “Upon a burning throne” By Mr Ashok Banker. The series is inspired by Indian epic Mahabharata. The second book starts with a little gap of years from where the book ended in first part. While the first part was mostly about the childhood struggles of a blind prince Adri and an albino prince Shvate. This Part unveils the twist and turns of the politics in their state Hastinaga and the fight to hold the reigns of the empire.

My View: As the series is inspired by Mahabharata the epic, I found the second part to be more close to original inspiration. Unlike the first part the second part doesn’t take much liberty from the original storyline, all the events are as it is as they are mentioned in the epic itself.

What is striking to me is that the writer has used his imagination so well to fill the loopholes of the mystic events present in the epic. For example why Gandhari (geldry in the book) has given birth to an inhuman flesh, why did it take more than 9 months to deliver it? Who actually plotted the seed of destruction in the clan itself and why? The book answers them all in the most fantastic way.

Some scenes are actually so descriptive and detailed that they might give you goosebumps. Consummation of Adri and the maid Sauvali, Vessa’s traversing through the minds of different species of the earth, herd of dogs mesmerised by Kerna’s aura and fighting for him are few of these.

The scene of animals fighting together to save Shvate’s family was the most stood out for me, it was epic. The writing is so apt; it covered almost all the detail that you need to picture the whole thing just before your eyes.

The second book mostly covers the birth of Geldry’s one hundred one and Karni’s five children. I wonder if Mr. Banker is planning the third part or not, because neither Krishna is introduced nor the epic battle is covered in this part and even a story that is inspired by Mahabharata is incomplete without that battle.

A must read if you are in for a ride of a fantasy world.

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