The Ultimate Guide On How To Become A Woman Of The New Century – Guest Post BY CINDY D’SILVA

Many women are stressed out with work, house chores, kids, in-laws and husbands, to actually find time for them. Sometimes, they feel guilty for being sick and not being able to fulfill their duties for the day. Personally, I find half of these “duties” unnecessary. I believe that everyone in the house should make use of their limbs, brains and time on Earth instead of completely dumping everything on the woman of the house.

The below has been taken from an article by a doctor (supposedly) and is doing the rounds all over social media but I wanted to correct the grammatical errors while I wrote it in my own way, through my own experience. I am a woman after all. I agree that we, women, choose to stay at home and care for our babies but our in-laws can easily go and get a glass of water for themselves and the husband can help with the kids once he is home. All the so called 2-minutes jobs are the real causes for stress in many women these days. In turn, the women forget about taking care of themselves and eventually get sick and tired of it all.

Do read the below and help yourself be happy, if you are not doing that already. You may feel like super-woman but you are not God.

  • EASE YOUR WORK: Even if you think you can, you will not finish all the house chores in one day. Do as much as you can. Spread them out for the week. Try doing more things that you enjoy, daily, than the ones that you don’t. Most importantly, get others to help you with stuff. Get necessary home gadgets, a cook or a full-time help if required, anything to ease your work in order to avoid stress. Stress is the biggest silent killer of women. At work, find ways to reduce the workload.
  • REST YOUR BODY: Please create time to rest. By rest, I do not mean to sleep alone. You can sleep but if you cannot, then lie down with your eyes closed at the least. It is not a sin to sit down, pick some ice-cream and watch some TV. Sometimes get out of the house and walk or sit in the midst of nature, quietly. Admire Gods handiwork, breath in fresh air and read a book.
  • TAKE A BREAK: Please take a break and spend time with family. It is indeed lovely to see everyone travelling a lot with family now-a-days. It shows that many have understood the value of having loved ones around them rather than just employers and employees all the time.
  • LOOK INTO THE MIRROR: After I had delivered for the first time, I remember having no time or energy to look at myself in the mirror. One day, I saw myself with messed up hair and overgrown eye-brows and screamed. After that, I made sure I looked decent, at the least, before getting out of the house. Come on! Wear your red lipstick and run your errands.
  • ENJOY YOUR FAVOURITE DRINK: Though I don’t enjoy alcohol much, I know many women who swear that wine keeps them from going insane. So, go take a bubble bath while you drink a glass of wine or perhaps a virgin pina colada? Just to lighten the load in your head.
  • EAT ON TIME: One of the factors, of increasing weight, is having irregular meal times. Whatever the situation, eat on time every single day without skipping a meal. Your health is more important than washing the utensils or making a presentation. Don’tforget to drink water regularly.
  • AVOID REGULAR MEDICATION: I personally know people who regularly pop a pill whenever they have a headache or cannot sleep. Stop taking sedatives to sleep; you are destroying your brain and organs which may soon lead to loss of memory. Relax your brain, think less and spend time with people who bring a smile to your face.
  • GET YOURSELF CHECKED: If you are not feeling well, make sure you get yourself checked. Tell someone what you are feeling or going through and do something about it. Do not wait for someone else to guess what pain you are going through. Take care of your own self. Also, check your blood pressure and sugar levels occasionally, whether you are sick or not, as this has saved a lot of women in the past.
  • STAND UP FOR YOURSELF: In order to achieve the above 9 points, some of you may find it impossible to start, given the different households we belong to. Trust me, if you stand up for yourself and let everyone know that you know what you are doing and you have to take care of yourself before doing anything else, they will eventually come to terms with it. Believe in yourself and others will believe in you too.
  • BE FINANCIALLY SMART: I definitely do not mean that all of us should ignore our families and homes and go to work, but I do mean that we should allow ourselves to be aware of the finances of our home. Instead of dumping all of it on hubby, try and pay the bills, make online transactions, etc. Of course, being financially independent is a plus point. Checkout my article on women being financially independent.

You can, of course, tweak the above points to suit your lifestyle but these are basic ideas to start a new trend of how women should be in the new century. Instead of looking at women as soft and helpless souls as in the past, we should show the world that women are indeed capable of being independent, brave and smart. And if left alone, we can move mountains. Do you agree with me?

Remember to share this with all the women you know. Who knows? You may save someone’s life.

woman of the new century

Cindy D’Silva, born and brought up in Kuwait has writing as her passion since she was 7. She would write in diaries and notebooks and read a lot of novels. After school, she turned from a full-time working woman in 2001 to a full-time mom in 2012 to a belly dancer in 2016. It was only in 2015, that she got to know about the world of blogging and was happy to jump into it. So, If you like what you read, do visit her website for more inspiration.

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