The newage man and his challenges

Being a proud feminist I am exhilarated that women have reached places in the world and are doing all that they are capable of and wish for. Today’s woman knows no barriers; she is the best employee, a successful entrepreneur, a good cook, a perfect homemaker and what not. All because she dares to and among her loved ones there are a few good men behind her.

This is the new age man, who has matured enough to understand that both the genders are required for the world to exist. For him kitchen is no more a restricted zone, he is no more horrified at poopy diapers and Pink is his favourite colour too. This man respects and loves not only all the women in his life but their choices too. But sometimes this man is judged because some of his brothers behave different. They misbehave with women around them or all around the world reason being some of them are illiterate, some are taught this way, some have only known the women to treat this way, some have a fear of being belittled and some are plainly douchebag. But our new age man is not like them then why is he being prejudiced??

Maybe because the world is not clear on their choices, because being called a feminist sounds so cool without even understanding what it is about. Women empowerment is a need of the society because some women need it badly. Feminism is never about degrading the other gender or proving the females better than the males, it is to respect the choices of what an individual woman makes for herself. As a matter of fact it is the fundamental right of a human irrespective of the gender that he or she can make the choices he/she want. Since old time’s women were not allowed to make these choices for themselves that is why we needed feminism.

Virtue and vices are not gender specific. This new age man we are talking about is an individual being like any individual woman. His choices are his own and not nearly to any of his brothers. We shall be as generous towards him as we will be to any benign woman. Or else we are denying the very basic of the feminism that is empowering the females to break the gender bias.

Imagine the world where Masculism will be the new favorite word and Misandry will be the new Misogyny.

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