A toilet-trained baby is every mother’sdream, and I am no exception to it. Right now my son is 15 months old, and I already feel exhausted thinking about how many years or months or days I still have to wait, before I achieve that dream. Until then, it’s an endless routine of washing and drying the dirty sheets, pants, and sometimes, pram too. On top of that, the rain gods are extra happy with us these days! I usually love rains, but what about my wet and stinky laundry? Well, I was all out of ideas on how to manage it all and was desperately looking for a way out, when I came across the Teddyy Changing Mats.I strictly do not use diapers at home for my son and also try to avoid using them while going out too. Therefore for me, Teddyy Changing Mats came as a boon.

Teddy changing mats

Here are some of the unique features of the mat which you should know about before you decide to buy it, (trust me, you will be very inclined to buy it). It was these features that made me instantly add them to my shopping cart.

  1. Each pack of Teddyy Changing Mats has 10 disposable changing mats.
  2. These mats are highly absorbent, and are made up of soft spongy material with a criss-cross pattern and use gel technology which helps to quickly absorb liquid.
  3. They have a waterproof backsheet, which makes the mat spill-proof and prevents stains and leakage on your sheets.
  4. The front cover of the mat is antibacterial which ensures the hygiene of the baby.
  5. The mats come in one size of 60 X 60 cm.
  6. If your baby is not a heavy wetter, you can even use it twice or thrice.
  7. These mats are lightweight, easy to carry, disposable and thus, very travel-friendly.
  8. The mats are easily available on Amazon .

Because of these amazing qualities, I decided to give them a try. And since I have been using them for a few days now, let me share how I use it for my baby and how have they turned out for me.

I already mentioned that we are living diaper-free at home so I can easily manage when the baby is awake, but to ensure that my baby sleeps soundly and comfortably, I put these mats above the bedsheet, under the baby. The mat ensures dryness in case of any leaky accident and at the same time, saves my bedsheet from stains and laundry.

I also use the mats when I give an oil massage to my baby to save my clothes and bedding from stubborn oil stains.I also use the mats in my baby’s pram to avoid diaper usage.The most beneficial use of these mats for me has to be while traveling. During one of our long road trips, we had an emergency diaper change situation, and it became as messy as it can be. Now, I never forget to carry the TEDDYY Mats with me to deal with such situations. Because of these hassle-free hygienic mats, I can do the diaper change even in my car.Also, whenever I visit my friends or relatives, I always carry the mats with me, and when my baby falls asleep I put the mat underneath him.

Because of TEDDYY’s convenient diaper changing mats, I am so relieved that I do not have to worry about the piled up laundry anymore. And not just only at home, these mats have also been a savior for me on the road as well. I would advise you to get one for your baby today!

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