I wonder why I didn’t come across the Teddyy changing mat earlier. These mats are so convenient and hassle-free that they can make a mom’s life easier than ever. Not just during traveling, I am also using them at home. The mat saves my beddings from stains and keeps them dry and clean. And not just that, using these mats in place of diapers also eliminates the chances of infections that can be caused by wearing diapers.

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Happy First Birthday!!

For now we keep you in a love shell; untouched of gloomy skies, unheard of fierce cries and would do that until our last breath. But reality is that life is not going to be the same as you see it now. And I am worried for that day. Motherly over concerned mind or overthinking as the world term it.And that is why I decided to write you this letter. I don’t know when and how would I hand it over to you. For now all I wanted to do is write it to the future you who might be struggling for a thing or two, losing and winning at one thing or the other, might be with the one you love or finding a way to woo her, delighted or disheartened and many other things of what heaven seeks for you.

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