Crushes…. oh Crushes!!!

while thinking about the next topic to write upon for the #BlogaberryDazzle i had to go back to the two last posts i have written. They seemed fun, so the theme should be fun and what can be the next topic that can give me a fun vibe while writing. Fun…. thinking about that brought me back to the college. The last time i had careless fun was in college without any second thoughts. The memories of careless talks, the class bunks, the canteen, speaking without thinking and that one college senior. Whom every friend would know and pass on every single detail they would collect by overhearing him or his friends. An innocent crush of a younger me. The butterflies in the stomach feeling, have you had that. A glimpse of that person would give you goosebumps. The smile that you wouldn’t even know when it glided on your face on the mention of that name. not love, just another crush.
So why not let’s talk about crushes.

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