How to set realistic New-Year Goals in just three steps?

December is here and a brand new year is knocking at us. As per the traditions we should be up setting resolutions and goals for this coming new-year.Well with all my experience of new-year resolutions and things I know many of you would agree that mostly this whole thing just ends up being a tradition that we conveniently forget as the days pass.

So since last year I came up with a whole new approach to set realistic and achievable goals for the coming new-year and it worked greatly for me this whole year. So here I am sharing it to you all hoping it might in some way help you to set up the better than ever new year goals –

  • Summarize your last year– Analyze how your last year has went by in terms of things that made you feel better. Where have you reached working towards your goal? What are the new things that you started, which of them still interest you? Doing this exercise gives you a sense of accomplishment about the past year being productive for you as well give you an idea on where to start your next year. For me, last year my baby was in his first year so most of the initial months went by taking care of him. And in the last phase of 2019 I started with content writing, blogging etc.
  • Zero down on things you started and enjoyed this past year – Make a list of things that you started last year, ticking off the ones that you don’t wish to continue further. Thus zeroing down to the ones that you enjoyed and want to continue in future as well. For me I started many things last year on career front but surely have not enjoyed each one of them but loved writing and blogging, so these are definitely be going into my list.

Now merge the two lists – which you made in above two steps and it will give you the exact right way to plan your next year. Basically the things that you enjoyed and did towards achieving your goals, the things that made you happy and the things that you started and loved doing should give you the base on what your plan should be for the coming year.

Believe me, the goals you will set by using the above steps are going to be the real achievable ones and will take you a few more steps closer to a happy and content life.

Do you want to know how a new mommy’s new year resolution looks like,Checkout my friend Ricta’s new year resolutions here.

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