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Happy second birthday!!

Happy second birthday my Rockstar!!

You turned two today and with that our joy doubled too. It has been a joyful merry ride far-far better than what I expected. You filled our lives with sparkles and never ending sunshine my love. We saw you crawl, stand and walk. We heard you babble, sing and call us. We saw you recognize birds, animals and humans. We saw you hear birds chirping and giggling like one yourself. We saw you painting the wall in the house and our hearts red. Overwhelmed with all the fun you brought into our lives, the whole year just went by in a blink of eye for us being mostly wrapped around your fingers. Baby! You started calling me mumma.  That’s the sweetest of the thing my ears have ever heard. I even tried teaching you to say ‘I Love you” and you copied and responded “Aaloo”  J .Each time you did something for the first time, I felt like you just sprinkled a handful of glitter over me.

Apart from that I am so enjoying the bond we have developed so far, we play together, we read together and those little serious conversations which I doubt you understand but that sparkle in your eyes is enough to convey that you really want to. I don’t know if that is me raising you or it is your inbuilt persona, what I see is a fierce soul already inside this tiny little body. So particular about your things on their respective places, so particular about choosing things for yourself and so independent of an individual you are. It is just pure bliss to see you grow my child.

We had a blast at your first birthday and had lots of plans for this one too. We planned to visit the dargah where I wished for you and also get the blessing from Golden Temple for you.  But we had to cancel everything and stay put in our house, not just us but all the people on the earth have to be locked down in their houses. Why? Because humanity is fighting a pandemic that does not have a cure and staying locked in our houses is the only solution to survive until a cure has been found. We are not even certain about how much time will it take but only hopeful that soon everything will be back to normal. Since we humans evolved so much in the last century this is the first time we are facing such a big threat. This whole situation of being locked down in confined spaces of our houses and the looming fear of existence has made us think all over again on the basic leverages we had and how we never acknowledged them. That is why like last year I have again this one thing which I want you to practice is “being grateful”.

The humans are craving for the most basic things like walking on the streets these days, who would have thought what we never considered leverage will ever look like one. We humans including me always craved for what we didn’t have and took for granted of what we already had. Now that we are fighting an unseen and unknown mighty enemy, we understand that how privileged we were to be able to go outside with friends and family, to be able to travel around the globe, to be able to eat and drink wherever and whatever we liked, to be able to walk free on the streets, to be able to shake hands. And we were never thankful about any of these things.

So my dear child enough of the ramblings of what we can’t do today, hopefully we’ll be out of this very soon, take all the possible learnings and build a brighter future world for the likes of you. But for you I would say be grateful of your liberties and all that you have because you already know that once upon a time the whole human race begged for that. Happy birthday again my future king!!

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