All of three! Birthday Letter To My Boy!!

Here again, another year passed by. A year older and a little more mischievous my little baby has turned into. Keeping up with the ritual I have written the third letter in queue for my birthday boy. Here is a glimpse of it – “So always, have your faith in yourself. Self doubt is not worthy of you. You can get what you want and you can be what you want. All you have to do is being faithful to yourself. There are going to be many affairs when others will doubt you and might ask you to stop. But my dear, no one knows your strength and weaknesses more than you, not even me. So it is only and only your choice when to go ahead and when to backdown. “

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Book-Review – You Beneath Your Skin

From corruption to infidelity, from autism to vitiligo, from drugs to acid attacks, this book explores some serious issues.Story is gripping, writing is crisp, and vocabulary is easy to understand. The revelations of the crime investigation is quite unexpected but reasonable. At the end once the secret is out and the case is solved, every character is able to let go off the misery they were bound to and learns to live with what they have.What an astounding book of thrill with a profound storyline and numerous takeaways.

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Book-Review – The Girl With Blue Eyes

Armaan fall head over heels in love with very beautiful and shy Tanisha.Later Armaan’s immaturity takes over their relationship and leads to a fatal car accident where he sees a mystery girl. A few days later Armaan meets the mystery girl again and eventually gets into an affair with her. While he enjoys being in this mysterious and unbound relationship of them, at the end the truth of this blue eyed girl drags him to the extent of making him insane.

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