Turn the tables-From challenges to opportunities by Priya Kumar #MyFriendAlexa

Book Name : Turn the tables-From challenges to opportunities

Author : Priya Kumar

Genre : Personal Development/Inspiration

Pages : 278

Recommendation : 4.5/5

Plot : Author Priya Kumar has used fictional stories as well as real life incidents to depict the possible problems and their solutions to help the people who aspire to be successful in their career and life. Priya is an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, author of 11 inspirational books that have won 32 international book awards.

My View : I couldn’t believe I will ever be this engrossed in one of the book from motivation genre.

It has been 5 years since I read a Personal Development book. The ones I read five years back were famous books from renowned speakers and suggested by MBA grads. Honestly it was all just talks that I couldn’t relate to, the basic looking into the mirror and motivating yourself thing doesn’t work with me at all for some reason. And they were all telling almost the same thing.

Cut to five years and I received this signed copy from Priya Kumar. I am so impressed by the real life scenarios she has put in to make the situation more realistic and relatable. The book literally helps you overcome the dilemma of facing a problem.

Rather than just going all on after your objective, Priya suggests to evaluate your current scenario and the impact of the change you are trying to bring which has resonated with me pretty well as an aspiring entrepreneur. Apart from that, the fact that she doesn’t shy away putting herself and the related incidents as an example to present a scenario, makes me believe her more.

I am so moved by this book that I am planning to check the other books as well from Priya and keeping this one as a reminder whenever I lag somewhere for my future endeavours.

A must read if you aspire to be successful and need some motivation.

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