Book-Review – You Beneath Your Skin

Book Name: You Beneath Your Skin

Author: Damyanti Biswas

Genre: Thriller

Pages: 390

Recommendation: 4.5/5

Plot: Anjali Morgan, an Indo American divorced woman is juggling between her Autistic sons Nikhil, her secret affair to the police commissioner Jatin bhatt, her motherly bond with Jatin’s sister Maya, a cordial relation with Jatin’s wife Drishti and a troubled relationship with her mother. While Anjali is helping Jatin to solve the mystery of cruel killings of women from slums, she meets a disastrous fate when someone throws acid on her face. Afterwards it’s a whirlwind of breakouts, emotions and shocking revelations.

My View: Not to exaggerate but this book kept me awake till 4:00 AM in the morning.

It’s a long book but not a single page is worth skipping. The book very well sketches the intricate relationships between the characters. The book is made up by its characters actually and not by the story. Rather than the story that drives the characters, here are the headstrong characters that make the story of about themselves. It is intriguing to see that there is no hero or a villain here. Each character behaves in a certain negative way but has a fair reason behind it. Each character with its struggle conveys a serious issue of the society.

From corruption to infidelity, from autism to vitiligo, from drugs to acid attacks, this book explores some serious issues. Story is gripping, writing is crisp, and vocabulary is easy to understand. The revelations of the crime investigation is quite unexpected but reasonable. At the end once the secret is out and the case is solved, every character is able to let go off the misery they were bound to and learns to live with what they have.

What an astounding book of thrill with a profound storyline and numerous takeaways.

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