Book Review – Upon A Burning Throne

Book Name: Upon a Burning Throne

Author: Ashok A. Banker

Reccomendation : 4/5

Plot: The book is inspired by Mahabharata the Epic but loaded with additional fantasy characters, on the edge suspense and unimaginable sequence of events. The story starts with the characters of Vrath and his step mother Dowager empress Jilana and their efforts to keep the glory of their Krushan dynasty, the burnt empire intact. While they do every bit to keep the hopes alive by making the physically unworthy princes Shvate and Adri, joint heirs of the kingdom; they face a mighty challenge by a strange inhuman sorcerer of their own line called Jarsun. This is the first part of the series and it just has introduced only half of the characters of Mahabharata which has a huge army of strong-willed characters, I am eager to know how many other characters he covers of the epic.”

My View: I am very impressed by the vivid imagination Mr Banker has. There is really good suspense awaiting you in the book and the writer has been successful in making me to be on the edge of my seat to know them. Also I shall appreciate how beautifully he unfolds the suspense. I literally felt the whole scene just happening in front of my eyes.
Shvate and his wife finding out about the human pyramid and then having a narrow escape under the cave and the scene of a city moving on tentacles made of humans took my breath away. Also the uncanny way with how each time Jarsun is introduced is just impeccable. I could literally imagine the face of demon that writer wanted to draw.

Also the thing which impressed me is the story doesn’t take much time to build up. Apart from initial introduction of characters, it is quick turn of events and you cannot afford to skip a single sentence.

Another thing that took my attention is that each character is extremely strong-willed, and has a powerful presence into the story, be it male or female or just the “CROW” who eventually turned out to be a medium to pass on the information or the “Vultureâ” who is rejoiced on the food availability on a battlefield.
The book is inspired by Mahabharata, but the added bits of fantasies are what make it different altogether.

Eagerly waiting for the second part.

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