Book-Review – The Girl With Blue Eyes

Book Name: The Girl with Blue Eyes

Author: Vaibhav Nigam

Genre: Thriller

Pages: 204

Recommendation: 4/5

Plot: Armaan a college student and the protagonist of the story fall head over heels in love with very beautiful and shy Tanisha. While Tanisha accepts her love, Armaan’s insecurities and immaturity takes over their relationship and leads to a fatal car accident. Just at the accident site, Armaan sees a mystery girl. A few days later Armaan meets that girl again, gets attracted towards her and eventually gets into an affair with her. While he enjoys being in this mysterious and unbound relationship of them, at the end the truth of this blue eyed girl drags him to the extent of making him insane.

My View: If asked to describe the book in short I would say unexpectedly surprising.

Honestly I was initially irritated by the immature character of the protagonist Armaan but maybe that is how he was expected to be to lead the story the way it went ahead. The book starts as a mushy first sight college love story. You can’t get a slightest of hint on the coming shocker. The truth of the mysterious blue eyed girl is unbelievable in today’s era, but quite fascinating and thrilling for the story, after all it is fiction. You won’t see it coming but when the truth is revealed, you would be able to collect pieces of clues; author has cleverly placed here and there.

Writing is crisp and easy to understand. I admire the way Author has incorporated the whole story including romance and thrill in just 204 pages. There is not lagging story build-up, quick turn of events, closely bound and every instance has a role in moving the story ahead.

I am not disclosing much to avoid any spoilers.

Quick but definitely a must read.

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