Book Name: Heart Quake

Writer: K.Vijayakarthikeyan

Genre: Thriller

Reccomendation : 4/5

Plot: A determined IAS officer Vikram gets himself and his family into deep trouble when he embarrasses an unruly powerful politician along with two of his friends during a live interview encounter. The story takes pace when the same Politician RPR gets Vikram posted in his own constituency to take vengeance. Meanwhile a dramatic situation arises when people of his district suffer from mysterious heart attacks while Vikram tries to figure out the cause of them. The book ends with a shocking revelation involving one of his friends from the academy too.

My View: For me a good book is one that doesn’t let me sleep until finished and this book did exactly that. The story is engrossing from the very first page itself.

One of the amazing things about the book that I loved is that the story is wrapped around in just 150 pages with no compromise with quality. There is no lengthy setting of the plot and the events are quick paced. Coming to the story line, I got connected to the main character Vikram as soon as he was introduced and whenever I left the book midway “what would Vikram do next ” was always running in my mind.
Apart from that I am so impressed by the imagination of the author. Though I do not want to throw away spoilers for the prospective reader in you but can’t resist mentioning the unbelievable theory of remote controlled medical drugs. Vikram, unravelling the suspense of mass deaths due to strange heart attacks is nerve wracking. And I loved the ending which is not very usual in today’s era of writing that is good always wins over the evil. Special mention to the last scene where Vikram in his academy just stands on the stage without uttering a word and the audience gives a standing ovation, the scene left a smile on my face.
All in all, an amazing addition to your bookshelf that you won’t regret buying.

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