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“I read your article and I must say that I had to google many of the words you used.” How would you take this sentence? As a compliment??

I for myself, honestly sometimes take it as a compliment. But do we really need to know those exquisite words to be acknowledged in the category of a good writer? Let me tell you what I feel on this hot topic of literature world.

High spirits, a vocabulary full of words in English accent; thanks to a year of stay in U.K, I decided to write a blog.(funny incident When I returned back to India, I asked the caterer of my office canteen to give me Brrred upma, to which he asked me thrice for what I want. I am sure he would have judged me for making up the accent).

My initial thoughts were that I am no Paulo Coelho and nobody is going to read what I write. This changed when I read fellow bloggers and you know how you feel when you reach the examination hall all prepared and the person sitting next to you has been revising something else and you realize that you have never heard of this.I was awestruck by the way they were telling stories wrapped all beautifully with the words that just landed directly from the oxford and sounded like music to ears. Let me tell you for once I thought to quit but hey! No one is going to read your blog so write anyway, I contemplated.

Well during this last year of blogging and freelance writing I have developed my own style and busted this myth of big words. I learned that when you are trying to tell a story it is quite necessary to use the correct set of words to convey your message right. At the end of the day for a writer, what matters most is that her audience is connecting with her thoughts. The impact of a simple everyday word can be better than a big word in some situations, that will certainly spoil the meaning altogether. In the same way the punch of another powerful single word can be not compared to its significant meaning in three or four words.

Maybe that’s why some of those royal big words have sometimes made it to my articles and sometimes not.  Let me know what you think about this much hyped topic of discussion?

I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s #myFriendAlexa .

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