Amma tales By Bhakti Mathur

Book Series: Amma tell me and Amma take me to.

Author : Bhakti Mathur

Recommendation: 4/5

Genre: Kids Mythology

Plot: Both the series include many books of introducing Indian mythological characters, places and festivals. Out of these many Bhakti graciously sent me two books of “Amma Tell me” series “Amma Tell me How Krishna Fought the Demons!” and “Amma tell me About Ganesha”, and two books of “Amma take me to”series “Amma take me to the Dargah of Salim Chisti” and “Amma take me to Tirupatiâ”.

My View: While the “Amma tell me” series targets more of the young children who can’t read, the “Amma take me to” series is for the elder children who can understand the significance of place or its importance.

I loved both the books of “Amma tell me”; it has very beautiful, cute and bright illustrations which my 17 months old amazes at. The story is put out short and nice that too without skipping any detail, well that is some skilful writing.

But what I was more curious about was the “Amma take me to” books. Having been the most boring topics of history I wondered if Bhakti would have been able to make it interesting for kids. To my surprise, you cannot afford to miss even the slightest of the information of the places. The stories have been articulated in the most interactive ways that certainly raises curiosity. The way Bhakti has incorporated the side details like including aurangzeb’s introduction, Akbar’s religious beliefs, different incarnations of Vishnu in the storyline without any confusion, that is just commendable.

Mythology being my favourite genre, I believe there is nothing more interesting to introduce to kids than Indian mythology and with this series of books I believe Bhakti is doing the job for me.Though I have personally requested her to write about Mahabharata Characters for I totally adore the strong characters and their larger than life aura like Abhimanyu, Arjun, Draupadi and Karn being few of them, taking this opportunity to remind her again.

Definitely worth introducing your kids to the series. The books are easily available on Amazon.

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One thought on “Amma tales By Bhakti Mathur

  • April 15, 2021 at 6:11 am

    I have read her books. And they are truly keeping the ages old practices alive for the new generation. She lives abroad, so she is keeping India alive abroad also.


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