BOOK REVIEW- The Adventures Of Shrilok Homeless #MyFriendAlexa

Book Name: The Adventures of Shrilok Homeless

Author: Pika Nani

Pages: 135

Recommendation: 3.5/5

Genre: Children Fiction

Plot: It is a Child Fiction and explores multiple adventures of Mumbai’s local Sherlock (Shrilok) along with his friend Rohan as they work together to solve cases to help the Mumbai police and general people who seek help from them.

The book seems to be inspired by the Bollywood movie Taare zameen par.

My View: The book has been written targeting the young children as audience. The language is easy to understand. The cases which shrilok and his friend Rohan solve are not too complex for a young mind. The book reminded me of the comic books we used to have in childhood with a hero who solves all sort of crimes and helps good people with his intellect and supreme deductive skills. A chaiwala by day and a detective by night, shrilok is surely going to inspire the kids.

Gradually the complexity of cases increase as Rohan and Shrilok together try to solve them which at the end reaches to the extreme of fighting terrorists, almost getting killed and saving the city. At the end shrilok gets a home for himself as a reward for his daredevil stint of getting the terrorists caught, which he turns into an orphanage and calls Shrilok Homes. I really loved this contrasting but pleasing irony of the book title and the ending.Kids would definitely enjoy reading it.

A lightheaded thriller for young minds.

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