5 practices I do to enhance my writing.

I believe writing is an art which you can only enhance but cannot learn from scratch. If it isn’t from your inner self, you can’t write. I loved writing since childhood. It started as a hobby and later writing articles and getting published in college and school magazines gave my morale the boost to keep continuing. Though I lost the touch when corporate started but kept on reading.

After good 8 years of corporate when I quit my job and birthed my child, I started writing again. To my surprise the few articles I wrote in agitation and with least expectations have been liked and appreciated by friends and even published in a digital magazine by an award winning writer.  

Since I joined social media a year back with business profile and a purpose of freelance writing, I read many wonderful writers be it bloggers or microbloggers or freelance writer. I found many of them just par excellence and realized that to stay in competition I have to constantly work and enhance my writing skills.

So here I am sharing a few things I practice continuously to brush up my writing:-

  1. Read and Read – Reading is one thing which I never quit and never will. I always have been reading books and novels since my childhood. Only after joining social media professionally I have started reading blogs and standalone articles. Reading gives me an insight of how the famous and not so famous writers are putting their stories and opinions out fearlessly. Everyone has a different way of storytelling, sometimes I have found a newbie writer’s style better than a famous one. Some research a lot before writing about a certain topic, while some write about the same topic with so much ease with whatever information they have in a commendable way.
  2. Note down the new words – There is no one who can claim to know everything, the world of literature is so vast you will always fall short of words. That is why whenever I find a new word whether in a new book or in a T.V series, I save it. Just recently I found this app called Wordstore available on Play store which helps me store the word along with its meaning.
  3. Look for the comparatively powerful synonyms – Yes, while writing an article I definitely look for a relatively significant synonym, which might be more impactful and more apt to go with what I want to convey.
  4. Proof read – I always proof read my paragraphs. Paragraphs, yes as soon as I write a paragraph I read it along with the start of the article. It gives me the idea of the flow of article, whether it is making sense or not for a Lehman, takes a bit of extra time but works for me.
  5. Always use laptop not mobile – I envy those people who can write on any platform given. For me I cannot survive without my laptop, I need a full fledge environment to get into the mood. I surely note down the points on my phone as and when they strike, but typing on a laptop is far better for the productivity I feel rather than on a phone. Also it ensures to avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Now these were my secrets, do share yours; how do you work on your writing skills?

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