5 Covid-19 lessons we shall never forget

No-one ever expected that one day a basic thing like walking on the streets would be as scary as death. Even though humans have experienced pandemics in the past too; it has been at least a century for a pandemic as deadly as Covid-19. But we all have to agree that when a calamity comes, apart from bringing down hell upon, it also teaches you some much needed lessons that needed to be your first priority and still have been ignored. So here I am listing down those 5 Covid-19 lessons we shall never forget.

  1. Health should always be your first priority –

a) Work on your immunitySince the time Corona has hit us in full force, you must have been listening of all sorts of immunity boosters, the herbal decoctions, the multivitamins, the turmeric lattes etc etc. and I am sure everyone in all of their capacity is practicing at least one of them for themselves and their families. Can’t we follow this practice forever until we live? Many people already inculcate such tiny habits like drinking herbal juices/health drinks/herbal teas or exercise/Yoga/meditation etc and they all experience many benefits out of it.

b) Keeping track of small details –Have you noticed since Covid surged upon use we are more watchful of our surroundings, our health, the basic hygiene, the food we eat our neighbours’ and just about almost everything. Isn’t it how we were taught to be and isn’t it what we teach to our kids, but as we grow up we tend to forget these basic things. Thankfully corona made us revisit and practice them and at least this generation is not going to forget them for a longer time I believe.

c) Health insurance –Now that we know that health should always be anyone’s first priority, we shall do everything to protect it. Apart from working on our hygiene and immunity by doing physical chores, to secure a well treatment in worse case; having a health insurance turns out supremely helpful. It relives you from the monetary expenses up to a certain extent, the uncertainty of diseases/accidents etc, and is required now more than any other time. So having a health insurance is one of the many things that I recommend you to have going forward.

2. Wealth is equally important- “Live in today not in the past and neither for the future”, but man! We humans are specified as the superior species not because we live in the present only; the future is a driving force for a person while accumulating all the experience of the past. And in that future money is equally important for one’s survival. The fact that so many people lost their jobs, sent on unpaid leaves, businesses shut down due to the unavoidable lockdowns imposed all over the world, having some savings helped many people. And those who didn’t or couldn’t save enough have surely learnt the lesson for future.

3. Minimalism – Out of a very few positives that came out of this subsequent lockdown is many of us have learned to survive with minimal resources. Not going out to shop, to eat, to travel for this long time; most of us wouldn’t have survived if asked for before the pandemic, but yet here we are baking our favourite pizza/cake to perfection from scratch nth time now. Personally minimalism is the best thing I learned during these times. Due to the lockdown I stopped ordering stuff online which I eventually understood were never so urgent, I started cooking at home the dishes I thought only can be prepared at the restaurants, I saved up on the essential items by reducing one portion of its current use eyeing the uncertain lockdown and saved up on a decent amount of money. So I am going to practice minimalism even after the Covid goes and have to mandatorily include it in the list of 5 Covid lessons one should never forget.

4. Compassion – History says that the pandemics bring humans close, well can’t be true in all of the cases but yes, many people started to lookout for those who needed help in anyways. Looking out for the old couple in neighbour who have their children located at some other city and have no one to help, checking upon the bachelor staying away from his/her family for studies, feeding that family whose earning member lost their daily wage job even some of us went out to feed those animals who were relying upon the leftovers from the street vendors. Isn’t is something which on hearing upon makes your heart filled with pride and joy. It’s true that we needed this empathy and compassion right now more than ever before but being a little more sensitive to your surroundings and fellow earthlings is so appreciable. Don’t you want everyone to be like this forever?

5. Uncertainty is inevitable – It might sound contrasting to what I have been brooding about up above but the truth is no one expected this day to come in their wildest of dreams. Doesn’t it sometimes sounds like a Hollywood movie if not, you might want to checkout contagion then. The truth that we all know i.e. “Life is uncertain and puts up a new puzzle to you in several uncertain ways” has not been presented to us like most epic way it has been now. The deadly pandemic started with not knowing at all about how it spreads, what is the cure, for how much time and such several alarming questions putting a threat to our most dear possession .i.e. life. But in such a short time we have accepted this once uncertain attack, gradually learned about it all and now have got ourselves prepared as much as possible. So eventually Covid-19 has taught us that lesson in an amazingly practical way which people turn to gurus and hermits for, which is, life is going to be uncertain but if you will for it and accept the challenges thrown by it, you will be out of it in no time all you have to do is learn about it and prepare yourself.

Counting the positives out of this disastrous situation was not easy but everyday waking up to read only the bad news has been so depressing to me that I started to seek out for only positives even if there was only one. This article has been a fraction of that finding and I am so glad to share that with you all. Since we are talking about the positives , here is another positive article you should read on “How to become the women of the new century“.

Do let me know in the comment section below if there is anything at all that you learned during these tough times?

5 thoughts on “5 Covid-19 lessons we shall never forget

  • August 7, 2020 at 5:53 pm

    Very well written Aakansha! Really loved your take “when a calamity comes, apart from bringing down hell upon, it also teaches you some much needed lessons”.
    Some important points precisely penned.

    • August 14, 2020 at 7:41 pm

      Yup these are almost all I’ve learnt during the gulf war when I was part of the airlift episode. This lockdown has actually been a breeze for me ❤️

  • August 11, 2020 at 11:47 am

    “Live in today not in the past and neither for the future” can we need any other example to understand this than covid? I truly think that if we have handled this situation then we are ready to handle anything in future. Situation has made us strong and shown us our resilient side.

  • August 13, 2020 at 12:27 pm

    Uncertainty is inevitable always. But Minimalism and Compassion come our way when we need to keep the peace within, with the help our inner circle and whatever we have to celebrate. Your post reminds me of these all. Nicely written. Lovely post Akansha.

  • August 14, 2020 at 4:49 pm

    Great pointers dear and thanks a lot for reminding about health insurance. will surly talk with my husband about this today. i agree health care is really expensive nowadays and we have to be prepared in advance to deal with this properly.


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