100 days of Instagram. Perception vs Reality!!

I joined Instagram back in 2014 as a personal account just to be aware of the newly hyped social media platform.
It wasn’t this trendy at that time what it is now or maybe the case is I was not that aware.
After 2 years in 2016 when I left my job and moved to my hometown which is in North part of India and a non metro city with lot less job opportunities. I had plenty of time in my hand and I started surfing internet like crazy. That is when I noticed the vast world of Instagram and how it made the whole wide world at reach for anyone.

I always wanted to write but never had enough time to frame a good blogpost.
With Instagram a new thing got introduced to me microblogging/Photo blogging, I went through some of the big bloggers accounts and everything looked so beautiful and easy.

So I entered into the shining world of instablogging with all new energy and a new business account MOMINPROCESS on 18 July 2018.

In Last October I completed 100 days on Instagram and boyyy it is a roller-coaster ride within it’s on world. If you are a novice you can’t imagine how positive and negative it can be at the same time. Anyways there are both pros and cons of everything and same is true for Instagram as well.

So here I am listing out my findings of the last 100 days spent on Instagram as a business account:-

  1. For me blogging was always about expressing your thoughts in a well written script so that people who love to read may notice you and comeback for more. Now few days on insta and I knew it’s not just writing, there are layers to it.
  2. You have to choose your niche to be existent, so either you are a lifestyle blogger a fashion blogger a travel blogger or a photographer or a part of different other blogger tribe. Basically you need to have a community to relate to. This community if used wisely can help you grow.
  3. You need to set your target, i.e what you want to achieve at the end of the day. For me the target was to gain a decent set of followers for my upcoming blog and in long run to see a few ad links on it which is I thought is the ultimate goal for everyone who does blog.
  4. Being an Influencer and earning money through collaborations was a new concept for me.
    For collaborations, you need to get noticed and how to?? It is a whole new other phenomena and really is a hard work.
    Things are way too technical for what I expected. There are minute details like using the correct hashtag, post timings,maintaining the engagements etc and many more I am still exploring.
  5. Giveaways: I did hear about giveaways but never knew they are such a common thing in the Instagram business world. If you are newbie business account holder this information is for you. Mostly Giveaways are arranged in collaboration of brands who wants to promote their stuff (called as Sponsors) and the account with followers reach (called Hosts). Anyone can host a giveaway. It is usually to increase the followers of both brands and hosts and promote the business.Funny thing I noticed people are making their accounts on instagram just to take parts in giveaways apparently they are termed as giveaway accounts by the community.

I joined the mom bloggers niche, so I have this community of moms who blog. And to be honest now this community feels like a family and I cannot stop myself to admire the amazing women I found here.
Some of them go to work, some of them are stay at home but everyone has one strong persona and presence of their own.
Sometimes when you love doing something or and still don’t do it; Some of the obvious reasons are either you are not getting the platform or you are not getting the push or the fear of being laughed at.

Instagram communities have your back here,there are opportunities for anything or everything, and I am truly inspired by the mothers I have met through Instagram you get the push just by looking at the efforts they are putting onto everything.

So this is it for now, the instablogging world remains yet to be explored and yet to be learned.
More will be coming as I sail through this journey….stay tuned

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